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Insurance Licenses
CA License # 0I35477
FL License # 0I35477
HI License # 575695
KS License # 16962354
MA License # 16962354
MO License # 3002830309
NV License # 3961943
VA License # 1408583
Insurance Carrier Appointments
American National
Corebridge - formerly AIG
Mutual of Omaha
North American (Annuities)

About Me

Since coming USA as international student, My career began as Film Promotor, Distributor, and Critics. But after realizing how important Financial Literacy is, I successfully switched my career to Financial professional. SYNCIS is such a life time change opportunity to achieve balance my career ad my personal goal. I've never moved companies to company, chased clients to clients.


Without financial foundation and freedom so many people never complete their dream. I help myself and help others to set up action plan to make their dream come true through Syncis. I’m a dream maker and make peoples dream work.


SYNCIS® is one of the top financial marketing organizations in America.

We bring together individuals, families, small business owners, and some of the largest insurance and financial services providers in America to make financial products and services more accessible to middle-income families.

Our mission is to help families attain proper financial protection and prepare for the future. Our Associates come from all walks of life and understand that many people may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of financial products.

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Syncis, LLC. (“SYNCIS”) is a marketing company whose affiliated companies and their independent agents (“Associate" or "Associates”) solicit and transact life insurance and other financial products and services in jurisdictions where those entities or individuals are appropriately licensed. The material on this website is not intended to, nor should it be, construed as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any specific insurance products, annuities, financial services, or other non-specified items.

Associates are independent contractors. Associates are not licensed to sell all products in all states and may only provide products and services to individuals in those jurisdictions where they are licensed and/or appointed. Compensation is solely from the sale of approved products or services and is subject to the terms of the Compensation Guidelines published on the Associate Back Office. Please see our income disclosures for more information.

The views and opinions expressed on this webpage are those of the Associate named above and do not necessarily represent the views, practices, or policies of SYNCIS or its affiliated companies.

SYNCIS has used reasonable efforts in collecting, preparing and providing the information regarding licenses or carrier appointments on this webpage, but does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or currency of such information.

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